Frequently Asked Questions

Computer Rental Services is a technical support provider for all the major computer manufacturers. We are a US based company with our back office at India. Our technical support executives undergo an extensive training program that makes them adept in using the latest technology to help resolve your issues.

No we don’t, at Computer Rental Services we believe in customer satisfaction, and will only charge when the problem described is completely solved.

Yes, our staff has an experience of more than five years. Our technical support executives at Computer Rental Services go through a rigorous training process even after they are selected to ensure quality.

Slow PC’s can be frustrating and can lead to hassles at work. At Computer Rental Services we will help you to optimize your PC so that it works much faster than before.

The services that will be provided would be customer satisfactory, as our technical professionals are extremely talented in whatever they do. Our services are hassle free and would allow you the comfort of your home while we would fix the problem for you.

Our staff is available 24/7. Call us at any hour of the day and will help you with your problem.

With remote access, you do not need to wait for a repair technician to come over to your home or carry your computer to a service centre for repair. Now you can get most of your technical issues resolved from the comfort of your home.

All is required is a broadband internet connection and your approval to remotely access your computer.

Most problems that appear to be hardware related such a no audio output, bad video or at times even when you’re PC is not turning on - are actually software issues. Do give us a call when you are not sure. We will not charge you in any case till the time the problem is actually fixed. If it does turn out to be a genuine hardware issue we normally recommend that you contact the manufacturer for repair/replacement.

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