About Us

Have you ever felt the need of someone you can talk to when your computer is not working? Almost everyone who owns a PC today comes across a situation where he gets trouble with his machine, antivirus, software, printer or any other related component(s). Their respective OEMS always are willing to provide best-in-class services to them whenever they need it to maximize their experience with them. But after a time, when the warranty and subscription packages expire, their official help gets restricted to online help manuals, lest you intend to subscribe yet again for their packages, which indeed are a quite costly affair.

There are several websites existent today, which provide support for different platforms, such as support for Antivirus, Support for Printer, Support for Browser of all kinds, Support for OS, and more. These website firms are independent entities, and they work in parallel to the official support websites for the respective products. Being independent services, they do have a fee for their services, but these charges are usually not that high, and they vary from one form to another.

We at Computer Rental Services are one such independent company, which offer technical support services to all our esteemed customers. Our proven track record states itself about our success story so far, and how much committed we have been into making long lasting relationships with our customers by offering them the best of services that they expect of us. We make use of all the latest modules and methods to ensure that our services are always top-notch, and also are equally effective and useful for our customers to make them satisfied with us.

Computer Rental Services is all about giving you instant on-call support for all such issues. We employ the best minds in the industry that we got to come across, who are not only excellent with all PC-related devices but also are quite pleasant to talk with. We also provide them with refresher training from time to time to keep their skill set up to date. This is why you will always find our technical experts helpful, and they will also make sure to educate you with something additional every single time you call us, so as to enhance your experience of having availed our distinct set of services.

At Computer Rental Services, we pride ourselves of working alongside some of the major industry players. This experience not only helps us generate revenue from them, but also mutually learn some industry trends and thus add value to our support services. We also have a dedicated R&D department in place, which works continually to help us better our service delivery model and make better use of resources available to us.

We do have a fee on our service packages, just like every other independent technical support company has, but they are very nominal, and are also charged based upon the package you wish to go with, as well as the criticality of your issue. You also would have the option to opt out of it during your telephone conversation, and even then you will be rewarded with a useful tip by our experts.

At times, our associates will also ask for remote login to your computer to determine the issue if they have not been able to do it otherwise. They will first seek your permission for it, and then only proceed with further steps. You can always put forth your concerns regarding the same forth them, which they will be glad to respond to, so that you always are assured of the kind of service that you get.

The remote access technology that we use is the safest one, for we acknowledge your privacy and your computer’s security. It is you as our customer because of which we thrive in the industry and we always would want to stay in your good books. You have the option to opt out of it if you at any stage or even before initiating the session feel like not going for it. We would always recommend that you go for it, since it will save time and also would help us understand the issue more clearly before handing the resolution over to you.

Computer Rental Services offers its services 24x7, 365 days a year, so that you don’t have to think twice before calling us up on our toll free number! You can also go through our list of packages to identify the right one for you, and also through our FAQs section to know more about our services and how you can reap in the benefits of them.

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