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Support for free accounts is handled on a time-available basis. Because of the volume of support requests there may be a delay in responding to your question. To speed up service, provide a very very detailed description of the problem in your original email. Without complete information, we will just have to send you an email asking for the details.

Customer service and satisfaction is very important to us, but we're a small operation and often cannot get to your email as quickly as we'd like! You can increase the speed at which we handle your email by including your full account information and by being very thorough in your description of the problem. This way we'll have all the information we need to start looking at your problem right away.

Computer Rental Services helps you setup, fix and keep your favorite technology operating at its best. We offer free problem diagnosis and back our service with a problem resolution guarantee. Whether you need one-time support or want the peace-of-mind of unlimited assistance, we have a service plan to meet your needs.

Is your computer bogged down by viruses and malware? We’ll get it cleaned up and working the way it should. Want to keep your system secure and prevent malware infections before they happen? We can help with that too! This service includes:

  • Complete hardware and software diagnostics of a single device to identify all types of malware including viruses, spyware, adware that are keeping your system from running at its best
  • Any labor required to repair your system including virus removal, OS re-installation, driver re-installation, and software re-installationts.
  • Installing anti-virus and anti-malware software to keep your system protected
  • Advising you on how to keep your PC safe from infections in the future

Is your computer sluggish and unresponsive? Running more slowly than it used to? Want to avoid costly and complicated memory and CPU upgrades? Computer Rental Services will get it performing at its best! This service includes:

  • Diagnosing the cause of performance issues
  • Cleaning up viruses and malware
  • Updating operating system and security software
  • Optimizing startup
  • Defragmenting your hard drive
  • Removing temporary files and folders and hard disk cleanup
  • Removing unused or unnecessary software to reduce system bloat
  • Tips for keeping your system running fast

Call Toll Free :- +1-888-224-3327 For Great Tech Support.

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